4th Quarter Fly Fishing

York Rd. Bridge
The Gunpowder River is flowing at 134 Cfs and is 55 F. Blue winged Olivesand just a few Tricos are part of the mix in the flat water. Long leaders in the 10 to 12 ft range ending in 7x will result in more takes. Try fishing the middle of the catch and release section for the most consistent hatches and easiest wading Streamer fishing through the log jams is always a good bet but is typically more productive on a dead drift in the boulder pools above Falls Rd. If you’re stuck on big dries from a recent rip out west, it’s not to late to use some western-style hopper patterns and stimulators-especially in the riffles.With water levels at least knee deep throughout the catch and release area and plenty of green leaves just turning gold and red, now is the time to get on the water and find a few wild fish.
York Rd. Downstream