A Wet Snow and Great Trail Conditions along the Gunpowder

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 157 CFS and is 40.5 F. After talking people out of going fly fishing on the Gunpowder for the past three weeks, trail conditions are improving dramatically with very little ice remaining except on the slopes in the Falls Rd section. A light dusting of snow last night brightened up the river birch and sycamores along the Gunpowder. If you’re after larger fish, stop in for a sink-tip and a dumbbell-eyed streamer or two. Stoneflies are buzzing along the meadow banks from Masemore downstream through York Rd access but until the river water temperature stays in the mid 40’s it might be more productive to swing a small dark wet fly in a #16 along the banks. While most fly fisherman associate the “upper” with the gorge section upstream of Masemore closer to Prettyboy dam, we’ve had quite a few calls from anglers interested in what section of the Gunpowder is closed this month. To clarify, the “upper” Gunpowder as described in the regulations book is the five-fish a day section above Loch Raven from the Gas line below Corbett through Upper Glencoe, Lower Glencoe, Sparks and Phoenix Rd. Please note: This section will close on Sunday the 6th and will reopen at 5:30 AM on March 26th. Anyone fishing the catch and release section from Prettyboy Dam, Upper and lower Falls, Masemore , Bunkerhill, York, and upstream of Bluemount, in the artificials-only, or downstream of Bluemount, through, Monkton, Corbett to the gas line is open leaving over 11 miles of catch and release or wild trout water for anglers to explore 365 days a year-conditions permitting. We have 2016 fishing licenses, a stack of stocking schedules and reservoir permit applications on the front counter.