Fly Fishing for Wild Trout over Memorial Day Weekend

IMG_0847The Gunpowder River is flowing at 80 CFs and is clear and 60 to 64 degrees F. Air temps in the upper 80’s this week have resulted in epic spinner falls throughout the catch and release section. Effective patterns include a suite of Sulpur emergers, duns and spinners tied by Mike Bachkosky including Phunny Emergers, Sulphur Unusuals, and his infamous bright Para-Spinners. Unweighted pheasant tails will also result in a few fish especially in the lull between the last emergence and the spinner fall. Small elk hair caddis and caddis emergers in the #16-18 range and BWO’s in the #18-20 range will also trick a few wild fish-especially early. Backwater Angler staffer Carl Cartier and fly fishing guide and instructor Bryan Donoway were recently in the shop together discussing the finer points of Leonard Bamboo Fly Rods and plaid shirts.

Please Note:
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