Sulphurs, Caddis and Hopper Dropper Rigs on the Gunpowder

Patagonia Flyfishing Gear
The Gunpowder River is flowing at a near perfect 110 CFs and is 53 F. Bright days have been challenging for those seeking fish on dries. Small caddis in the #16-18 range and Sulphurs in the #16-18 range have been the ticket. If you don’t want to fish 7x Cover the pocket water and boulder pools with a #16-18 bead head prince behind a small hopper or foam caddis. Don’t wait to fish the Sulphurs-it might be time to get out of D.C and connect with a wild fish in the Gunpowder river…We’re loaded for bear with new Patagonia gear that just arrived in time for a wade or float trip out west. Fly fishing Western Maryland? –Stop in and ask Gene and Stefan how the Savage River was fishing this week.
Patagonia Fly Fishing Gear