Great Flows and Ideal Water Temperatures along the Gunpowder River

Gunpowder River Brown

The Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 127 Cfs and is 57.5 degrees F. With flows up, heavy streamers and large terrestrials have been the ticket. Large nymphs such as Red Fox Squirrel and Hare’s Ear nymphs have been working fine in the riffles provided one puts on enough deep soft weight to slow them down.

Thanks to Gene for the stream report and photo!

It has been a week of fluctuating flows on the river due to low levels in Loch Raven demanding more water from Prettyboy dam along with daily spells of low flow Monday to Wednesday for annual electroshocking surveys. The DNR surveys produced positive results for both the dynamics of large and small fish and a very healthy number of juvenile fish indicating the stream is as healthy as ever. I joined them on two of the days seeing firsthand the sheer numbers and size of some of the streambred brown trout was fascinating. Since Thursday the flow has been steadied at the 100 cfs mark allowing for great flows downstream of falls road and consistent flows should make for excellent conditions over this weekend whilst the trees cling to their leaves for the final few weeks of the year. Fishing with streamers will be effective, especially in the evening. Caddis emergers have been reported as being very effective and tricos are still present in the morning. Ants and hoppers will catch fish still. Nymphs are extremely productive now with the larger volume of water passing through.