Gunpowder River Stream Report

Tiger Trout In The Gunpowder RiverThe Gunpowder is gin clear and flowing at 38 Cfs at 42 degrees F. This time of year little black and early brown stoneflies are just starting in the riffles between Big Falls Rd. and Bunkerhill Rd. On days without wind, little black flies or snow flies in the #20-22 range can be found above Falls Rd closer to the Dam but a long (12ft) and light (7x) leader is needed to present these tiny flies properly. Blue Winged Olives and cream midges will also make an appearance from time to time through the Masemore Rd stretch. Log jams should be covered with a heavily weighted streamer like a zonked or sculpin pattern and pulled away from banks on an upstream presentation rather than fished on a swing. Thanks to Anthony for the great shot of a recently released Tiger trout.