Low Flows, Terrestrials and Midges

Hoppers ready for a swim

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 32 CFS, 52 F and is clear. Try to find some shade this weekend. Wet wading works fine this time of year just watch out for the poison ivy and ground bees. A float in any size craft or even a Gunpowder River tubing trip will likely turn more into a muddy drag. Small midge patterns fished behind an ant or beetle on 7x is a great way to trick wild fish! Thanks to Gene Howson for the stream report:

In the past week the flows have been reduced to 32cfs. Low flows can make the fishing more challenging those willing to fish long leaders, 7x tippet and stay out the river as much as possible can still catch plenty of trout. Terrestrials can catch fish all day but smaller midge patterns will catch more fish whilst they are emerging in the tails of pools.

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