Winter Stoneflies on the Gunpowder

January Brown on the Gunpowder River
The Gunpowder is at an ideal 99cfs, starting the day at 36 cfs, and clear.Over the past week the discharge from Prettyboy dam has been gradually decreased from the 200+ cfs it was previously. At this current level, water temperature can really jump during a mild day, which looks good for the weekend. Early brown and little black stoneflies have been hatching, fishing a size 16 prince nymph is a good imitative pattern for these, which you will see crawling up logjams drying out their wings. If you see or hear a splashy rise, try skating a dry in the faster water, the first strong hatches of the year will tempt hungry fish to look up for a meal through early afternoon.
Hemlock Bend on the Gunpowder River