Winston Rods at Backwater Angler

R. L. Winston Rods
As a long winter is finally starting to let up, it’s time to think about a new rod to embrace the trout fishing season with. Here at Backwater Angler we have a fantastic selection of 5 weight rods from R.L. Winston Rod Company. If you’re planning on any special trips this spring or summer, stop in and see for yourself what the ‘Winston Feel’ is all about.  You may end up with the fly rod you’ve been waiting for…

We have the following Winston’s in 5 weight in-stock and ready to cast:

  • 9 foot 4 piece AIR – $950
  • 9 foot 4 piece BIIIX – $845
  • 9 foot 5 piece BIIIX – $895
  • 8’9” 5 piece LT – $850
  • 8’6” 3 piece WT – $850

Stop in between Feb 15th through February 26th to cast a Winston and register for a Winston Hoodie and hat give-away. The smiles are no charge.