Midges and Stoneflies on the Gunpowder

The Gunpowder is flowing at 39 cfs, water temps starting the day in the low 40’s, rising to the upper 40’s and gin clear.

The low flows, water clarity and unseasonably cold weather has resulted in a slow start to the season. Masemore upstream to the dam the didymo is particularly bad as the water levels remain low. Fishing nymphs is too much of a chore in these areas. Focus on the fish that are rising or throw a small streamer instead. Trout are actively picking off tiny snow flies, a common form of midge on the river, in the slow glides as they try to emerge. Catching these fish requires 7 x tippet on 10 – 12 foot leader and staying out the water as much as possible. Getting your angles right before making a cast is crucial. These fish will feed, but any form of movement creating shadows or ripples will quickly put them down.  Many fish are still looking for early black stoneflies too. A couple of hendricksons have been seen coming off. Hard to believe that this time last year we had sulphurs!