February Report on the Gunpowder

The Gunpowder is clear, 240 cfs and 40 degrees F.

This winter 300 cfs has became the new normal on the Gunpowder, these high levels have limited good fishing opportunities.  When the river is at this level the water temperature doesn’t climb much even on a sunny or mild day – bad news for those looking to find fish rising to midges. Trout will eat a slowly worked streamer or a midge pupa, pheasant tail or prince nymph dead drifted close to the bottom. Given the river volume and temperature getting your fly down to the bottom is important as the fish won’t generally move much. The trout in the Gunpowder are in great shape post spawn and some beautiful fish are being caught by those willing to work for them.

With snow thawing out the trails are very slippery so take care getting in the river. Wading staff and studs in your boots are recommended to keep your footing in these higher flows.

If you’ve been out lately on the Gunpowder submit a fishing report and photos to backwaterangler@gmail.com, we’d love to share your experiences on the website. Thanks!