Used Fly Fishing Gear in Maryland

We have a new selection of used fly fishing gear in Maryland. Don’t postpone joy! Stop in over the weekend to see them for yourself. They won’t be here long! Here is a quick listing of rods from T&T, Scott, G. Loomis, Echo and reels from Ari T Hart, Ross, Bauer, Islander and Orvis.

Fly rods:
G. Loomis Whisper Creek GLX 8ft 8 inch 3wt 4pc $300
T&T Vector 9ft 4wt 3pc $400
T&T Vector 9ft 5wt 3pc $400
Scott G series 9ft 4wt 4pc $600
G. Loomis NRX 9ft 4wt 4 pc $350
Sage Z Axis 11ft 7wt 4pc $450
Scott STS 9ft 8weight 3 pc $375
Sage XP 9ft 8weight 4 pc $395
Echo E3 7ft 3wt 4pc $150

Fly Reels:
Ross G1 $175
Ross G2 $175
Ari T Hart F2 with extra spool $595
Orvis Battenkill III with two spools $350
Bauer MXP 1 $375
Islander 4.0 LX $450