Opening Day of Trout Season in Maryland Beckons

It wouldn’t be opening day, tomorrow, March 28th in the 5-fish-a-day section of the Gunpowder River without rain in the forecast. This time of year we receive quite a few calls from anglers seeking clarification on what sections of the Upper Gunpowder Falls River are catch and release and what sections are stocked. So we’ve provided the following. In short, the stocked section is referred to in the regulations book and the stocking schedule as Upper Gunpowder which means above Loch Raven, not above Falls Rd. So if one wants to take up to 5 fish a day, one may do so from one mile below the Phoenix RD access upstream through Sparks RD, Lower and Upper Glencoe and one and a halfmiies upstream to the Colonial Oil pipeline crossing (white tubes with red caps). The above photo was a Gunpowder RIVERKEEPER sponsored Eagle Scout project by Jacob Danko of troop 380, Hampstead that was completed in 2017-18. These color coded signs are posted at every access point and denote the catch and release, artificials-only section in red, the wild trout two fish a day section and the stocked trout 5 fish a day are prominently displayed at all of the access points of the River to provide outreach on regulations, invasive species and drinking water supply. If you are interested in supporting this work please consider a charitable contribution to Gunpowder RIVERKEEPER.