Higher Flows in Late July


Note: As of 7/23, the water has dropped back to 30 CFS. While our tactics are still the same, be careful to limit your wading.

With thunderstorms hitting the area quite often this past week, the city raised the flows to 50 CFS. Although this may not seem like a significant jump, the added water will give the fish more security and more food to eat. Unlike other creeks and rivers in the mid-Atlantic, the Gunpowder has stayed cool through the heat and low water, with temperatures swinging from 50-55 degrees through the day. Fishing terrestrials have been the most successful method lately. Lots of fish looking for the bigger beetles, ants and even hoppers throughout the Gunpowder. Stop in the shop to pick up some of the many terrestrial patterns we have.

Nymphing will be more effective now that the water is higher. The added flows will allow you to get closer to the fish, but you should still limit your wading. The best water to nymph is often close to big structure or current. Even with added flow, the smaller mayfly and midge imitations have worked the best.