Gunpowder River Stream report for October 23

Now is the time to break out the streamers and October caddis patterns. The time of year has finally come around again and the Gunpowder River is looking good. While the river is flowing at 34cfs, the water temps are staying between 50 and 55 degrees. Sculpin patterns such as the Near Nuff Sculpin and my personal favorite, the Maddison Sculpin are working well mid to late afternoon. Caddis patterns such as the cornfed caddis are working exceptionally well in the evenings. Although tricos are gone the fish in the upper river are still looking for them. I recommend using a lighter tippet size due to the lower water conditions. Stop in and fill a brand-new Umpqua fly box with all your favorite seasonal flies and get on the water prepared.

Its Crazy to think that both of these fish were caught in the upper gunpowder.