Savage River Fishing Report


Western Maryland is home to some of the some of the best water on the east coast: The Savage River and North Branch of the Potomac River. Both bodies of water hold Rainbow, Brown, and Brook Trout. Like the Gunpowder River, these Rivers are tailwaters or are dam controlled. This means that the water temperatures stay consistently cool throughout the year, even in the heat of summer.  Right now, the water levels on the Savage and North Branch are low, at 48.8 CFS and 229 CFS respectively. These are great levels to fish as you don’t have to battle the strong currents present during higher flows.

Both rivers have many challenges, one of the most notable being the wading. Slippery round boulders cover the banks and the bottom, providing many opportunities to fall. Studs and/or a wading staff are highly recommended. The other challenge anglers face is the intricate currents on the rivers. High gradient and big boulders make for lots of different currents in each run. It is important to read the water correctly in order to present your fly well. This river will test your c

Hudson and I were using terrestrials throughout our trip. Opportunistic browns and rainbows were eager to rise out of the pocket water and take a dry or dropper. If you’re interested in more information on Western Maryland, we can set you up with all the gear and knowledge necessary.

A glimpse at the beautiful yet rough terrain along the Savage River.