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Early November Gunpowder River Fishing Report

The Gunpowder has been at consistent levels today in spite of the rainfall. The water temperature is holding steady at 55 degrees. Flow at Falls Rd is 45 CFS. We have been seeing lots of BWO’s coming off mid-day through the evening and fish have been eager to rise to them. With cooler weather ahead, streamer fishing with a sink tip- leader will work very well. Patterns like BWO Compara-Duns, tan Elk Hair and X-Caddis, black and olive wooly buggers, and Bank Robber Sculpins are worth a shot. Euro nymphing has also been working well. We have pre-made Euro leaders and Euro flies in-stock. Stop in and get outfitted!

Gearing up For Montana

Over my last few years working here at Backwater we always have a stream of anglers itching to go out to Montana and chase after its beautiful fish. but there is always the same question from all of these anglers: “what do I even bring out there?” But don’t worry we are here to help you on your way to an amazing trip. To begin with, you will be needing a sturdy rod with a nice backbone to handle those larger fish and cast larger flies. The rod for the job is the Scott Centric

Scott Centric

The Centric is the perfect Montana rod. It’s strong enough to combat stronger winds and still delivers the perfect presentation. It’s also stiff enough to cast larger streamers but has a lighter tip which allows you to feel the bottom while tight line nymphing.

I you are looking for a spring creek rod for more delicate presentations then we suggest the Scott G Series

Scott G Series

The G Series is the perfect rod for making that delicate cast at a rising fish or that stealthy mend for the perfect drift. The G series is truly a fly fishermen’s dream. With its delicate capabilities it is still able to hold large fish and fish larger flies if needed but excels in lighter flies and tighter spaces.

Next, you’ll be needing flies. We suggest looking at a hatch chart for the Area you will be fishing but if you don’t have time to or can’t find one, we have many great fly options here in the shop. Montana is known for its larger bugs, and even more so for its fish loving to eat these big bugs on the surface. Here at the shop, we have what you need.

As far as waders and boots go, it is a necessity that you have a quality pair to wade the rough waters and hike the rugged terrain. To compete with these conditions that Montana has we recommend the Patagonia Foot Tractors or the Patagonia River Salts.

Patagonia River Salt Wading Boots

Patagonia Foot Tractor Boots – Sticky Rubber (Made by Danner)

The price on these boots will be rising this Fall by $100+. If you are looking for that new pair of boots that that has an amazing warranty and will last a long. We highly suggest the River Salt or the Foot Tractor for any of your wading needs.


Gunpowder Fishing Report

The Gunpowder is flowing at 65 cfs and has been holding steady for the last week. the temperature of the water is 52 degrees, this is perfect for wet wading. if you need a new pair of wet wading socks stop in the shop to pick up the new Patagonia fleece over sock which allows for a comforting feel in the water while fishing. we are seeing fish take caddis and Trestrails off the surface. patterns that have been most effective are as follows, Elk hair caddis, X Caddis, smaller stimulators, and Cubby Chernobyl’s. we have been experiencing the best fishing from 3-7 in the afternoon and from 7-10 in the mornings. stop by the shop to restock your flies and get more Indepth intel.

Central PA Fishing Report

I Have recently gotten back from a fishing trip in central Pennsylvania. With rising water temperatures the end of spring creek season is closer than you may think. Rivers like the yellow Breaches and and Penns Creek have been fishing very well recently with small caddis and mayfly imatations. The set up that I found to work the best was a size 16 caddis and a mayfly nymph 20 inches off the back. This allows you to target two very different sections of the water column and catch more fish. Making delicate casts is essential because these fish are rather spooky and will not eat if the flies are not presented properly. The fishing up in PA is really something special to experience and I recommend stopping in the shop to stock up on flies before you head out there.

June 24th Gunpowder Fishing Report

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 67 CFS and is a cool 52 degrees. As the warmer summer weather sets in, we have been seeing a large amount of fish taking terrestrials and mayfly nymphs. Patterns such as a quick sight beetle, foam ant, and smaller sized chubby chernobyl’s have been working great as indicator flies for dropper rigs. Off the the back of those terrestrials we are putting patterns such as perdigons and pheasant tails. If you are looking to fish single dry flies come on in and check out some of the new flies we just got in; our Adams and caddis patterns have been restocked and are ready to be fished!

Gunpowder Stream Report 3/26/2022

We are happy to announce that the Gunpowder River river is flowing at a consistent 80 cfs and the temperature is 46 degrees. The bug activity is starting to pick up. We are seeing little black stone flies, Hendricksons and March Browns. If you want to probe the depths, stop in to check our fantastic selection of nymphs.  Streamers have been working great! Patterns like the baby gonna and the full sized gonna have been able to move some bigger fish in the river. The lower river is opening  back up today from its stocking period. If you are looking for some stocked rainbows plan on fishing bright flies to attract the attention of some of those fish.

Gunpowder River Fishing Report 2/18/2022

The Gunpowder River is currently flowing at 138 cfs and the temperature is 41 degrees Fahrenheit. With the higher and warmer water I have been fishing a lot of streamers and euro nymphing smaller jigged leaches to try and entice fish that are  looking for a larger meal. Streamer patterns such as the Baby Gonga, Madison Sculpin, and wooly buggers have been working well. Leech patterns such as the sculp snack and jigged leech are working best with small twitches during the drift. Nymphing has also been very effective. Patterns such as the perdigon, mop fly, and hares ear jig are working very well for fish that are looking for smaller nymphs rather than a large streamer. We have Filson socks in stock that are a terrific solution to having cold feet in the winter months. They work great!

Winter Fishing on the Gunpowder River

The river is beautiful as always with new snow. It is flowing at 90 cfs, clear and 38.5 degrees. The fishing has been best with nymphs in the #16-18 size. The best nymph colors have been olive, red, cream, and red. I have also been fishing many streamer patterns such as the Baby Gonga, Dragon Bond, and Slump Busters. With the snow and cold temperatures the trails are very dangerous and slippery so make sure you have studs or a wading staff to walk the trails.