Monthly Archives: July 2004

It’s not raining yet…

The water is low and clear, in the mid 50’s and has been a little on the tough side lately. when it is bright out, we’ve been fishing early and later in the afternoon.Pheasant Tails and Copper Johns sized #16-18 in the morning and Caddis, ants and bettles, sized #16-20 have been taking a few fish at the base of riffles.

Bring a rainjacket and a few nymphs…

We’re experiencing great weather if you’re a duck. Take advantadge of the cloud cover and cooler temperatures in July while they last.Water conditions have been up from last week but are still on the low side, clarity is fine and temps have been from 52 to 55 F in the Catch and Release section, and a little warmer and cloudier below Little Falls. Pheasant Tails and Copper Johns, sized #14-16 have been working great in runs and cut banks. There is a lot of new wood in the river. Dredge up some fish around the new log jams and deadfalls by dead drifting small Olive Flashabuggers under an indicator. Remember that August is just around the corner so if you’re tying, make up some beetles, hoppers and ants to get you through the dog days ahead.

A great fishing weekend ahead…

River conditions have been a little on the low side. Water temps are in the low to mid 50’s throughout the catch and release area.Pheasant Tails #14-16 and San Juan Worms #12-14 are a good bet in the morning. Switch to hoppers #8-10 and ants sized #16-18 by mid-morning and bring a few Caddis, (#18-20) along if you’ll be fishing after 3 angler reported after fishing Masemore Wed. that he had a dozen fish take Caddis in just a few hours fishing.

Note: Copper Johns #14-16 have been working in the deep pools from Falls Rd to the Dam

Flies are the answer…

The river is in great shape. Flow is on the low side but the banks are still full. Water temp is 55 F and the river is clear.Try Renegades #16-18, Pheasant Tails #14 and Caddis Emergers in Tan or Olive #14-16 in the riffles. Olive Wooly Buggers #10 and Rubber Legged Squirrel Nymphs, sized #10-14 are working great in runs and along new deadfalls between Bunkerhill and York Rd.

Stream Restoration Project in the Works……

The weathermen are doing a hat dance today.Over the weekend, many folks shared their concerns about the damage that occured after Wednesdays’ storm. Masemore access was hit the hardest The dam between the Mill House and the Mill Pond Cottage that held Bush Cabin Run back blew out. We also lost the wooden footbridge just down from the parking lot. The bridge decking is still largely intact and might be salvageable. Sounds like a great opportunity for a stream restoration project eh?

In the short term, utilizing silt fences and getting the O.K. for an aggresive planting program to reestablish a riparian buffer along Bush Cabin Run will help to manage the new influx of silt that was formerly held back by the dam.

I’ll be talking to the State and City today about a timeline and feasability for rebuilding the Mill Pond Dam, and the footbridge. I will keep you posted on any progress on these fronts…

We are now accepting donations for these projects in the shop.

If anyone out there is interested in volunteering time, energy and sweat during the “rebuild” please drop us a line at

Note: Bunkerhill was also “hit hard” and will be the next access point along the river that will warrant our attention.

Bonjour! Ca va? Qu’est que c’est. Eh?

Just a little practice leading up to my time in Quebec. Hein? We still have two spaces open.Check out the photo gallery for pictures from the Matapedia river…As for the Gunpowder we’ve seen the river drop quickly after the torrential rain midweek Terrestrials like ants, beetles and large hopper patterns have been a treat to fish after the maddening Sulphurs. The water downstream of Bunkerhill is slightly off -color and streamer advocates are beaming from ear to ear. Try a lite bright zonker in a #4-6 through York Rd.

July Weather?…

Call me an enabler but I’d get out while the weather is nice. In spite of the rain the river is in fine shape at 111Cfs. Water temps continue to be around 62 F and the water is clear until Little Falls comes in at Bluemount Rd. Ants, beetles and hoppers have tricked more than a few fish this week. Black Buggers sized #8-10 and Bead Head Pheasant Tails sized #14-16 are great in the early AM.

Note: Going out West this Summer? We have lots of new 5 weight rods in stock from R.L. Winston, Sage, Loomis and St.Croix.

Closed on the 4th…open on the 5th

The shop that is-the river will be open all weekend. Flow is around 109 Cfs and water temps are in the low 60’s. The river appears low to folks that have grown accustomed to higher flows this year but it is still in great shape.The water is gin clear so longer leaders, (start with a 12 foot 6x) are suggested. Fishing with big attractors has slowed a bit and we’re back to fishing lots of ants in a #18 and Japanese beetles in a #12-14. Sulphurs havebeen infrequent at best so try a smaller pattern, (#18-22) towards dusk in the flat water between Falls Rd. and Bunkerhill.Streamers are a good bet in the lower Catch and Release section from Bunkerhill through Big Falls Rd. This section is typically less crowded on a holiday weekend and worth a shot if you don’t mind getting away from the parking lots.

Note: The shop will be closed on the 4th and will be open on the 5th. Have a safe holiday!