Going a fishin’

Yes, the shop is open. Water is clear and 49 F, and all of this snow won’t turn into water for a few days. Try Hare’s ear nymphs sized #14-16 and small stonefly nymphs sized #18. A Griffith’s Gnat with a brassie as a dropper is a great Winter pattern for the slick water at Masemore. My hat’s off to local artist Kevin Raines. He is chasing fish today on cross country skis.

Kevin just dropped off a striking Fall scene that features a bunch of randy Brookies tusseling in a boulder strewn pool.

The work is an oil on paper and is listed at $1, 700, and will be the first thing you see the next time you stop in the shop-unless someone takes it home for the holidays.

Now is the time to replace your cleats in your Chota STL+ shoes and check out new wading staffs from Sports Tools, Fishpond and Simms.

Note: A DNR plow truck just passed the shop headed towards Monkton. Be sure to stow an extra set of warm clothes in your rig before venturing out-if you get wet you’ll need them.