New Stuff for the Holidays

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This morning the snow underwhelmed me. Yesterday I shoveled my entire drive and last night it dawned on me that if I parked at the head of it I’d have roughly 10 feet to worry over. Ask yourself-Is he getting smarter or just plain lazy? We might have a poll on that very topic.

Today, I’ve been looking at lots of new products from Fishpond. I’m wearing one of their Blue River Chest Packs in Khaki and can still see the keyboard.

In the gadgets category, We just brought in a great stocking stuffer from Fishpond. Be the first on your block to get an Aussie clipper.The clipper has a set of surgical grade stainless blades that can cut through 150lb mono, is blue in color, is shaped like a boomerang, and go for $5.95.

I also have some bright reels from Tioga decorating my desk-not to worry they’ll soon be in the reel counter and are just hours from being featured in the online catalog.
If you just can’t wait to see them go to www. and check out the New Tioga Magnum series.