Did someone say clear water?

Did someone say clear water? The river is still flowing at an ideal 122 Cfs and we’re stilll fielding reports of folks having banner days out there. The water throughout most of the catch and release area is shin deep to knee deep.

Terrestrials like ants and beetles are working. Small elk hair and cdc caddis sized #18-22 have been producing from Masemore through Falls Rd. Masesmore downstream through York is a good bet for larger terrestrials like hoppers and Japanese Beetles. York Rd to Bluemount Rd looks like great stretch to swing streamers.

All told we have 7.6 miles of fishable water that supports between 3156 and 2500 WILD fish per mile .
What are you doing this weekend?

Note: We just received new shipments from Scott, Patagonia, Winston, Lamson, Abel, and Rio. We also have new shop T-shirts from Mary K the fish Lady with Brown and Rainbow trout on the back and the shop logo on the front.