Elk Hair Caddis Whirlwind…

We will be open Tuesday the 4th from 10:00 AM till 4 PM.
The river is at 115 CFs, and water temps are between 57 and 60 F throughout the catch and release section. 115 CFS is a great level for wading , is clear and dry fly fisherman have been having a ball with ants, beetles and caddis….We’ve had a bunch of reports from anglers today fishing Elk Hair Caddis from Bunkerhill upstream through Falls Rd to the Dam with catches from 1/2 dozen to 3 dozen fish per angler.
Jeff Lewatowski led a few clients today to what we believe was the largest fish hooked this season. The fish took a #18 Pheasant tail and was twice as long as Jeffs’ landing net. It moved downstream through two pools before the hook pulled/straightened out.
It still swims in the Gunpowder…

Note: Shop hours on the 4th are 10 till 4PM .
Time’s a wasting …go fishing..