Mighty good fishing in low water…

Numerous calls and emails have been answered this week with the same words…
come on up the waters fine.
Currently the river is clear, low and flowing at 32-35 CFs. Water temperatures are between 53 and 56 F throughout the catch and release area. I gave a talk for the Rapidan TU/FFF in Warrenton, VA this past Wednesday and I’m sure that we’ll see some new faces in the next few weeks–and that’s about two hours from the wild Browns in the Gunpowder Falls.

Really folks you don’t need to wait until Spring to go fishing again as the folllowing stream reports attest:

Hello Theaux,
Thanks for hooking up my wife Pat with the light-weight waders and wading boots. It has really made a difference in her enjoyment of the sport. The last month we have been working the upper reaches of the Gunpowder and Little Falls and having a great time. We have definitely noticed that it has been a low-light bite recently, and Pat and I have been averaging 4-6 brown trout each. Pat had an especially good trip this past Sunday evening and got six browns including an 18-1/2″ male brown that had the beginings of a nice kype. She also lost an even bigger brown.
Many thanks and tight lines,

Caught this 14 inch rainbow on Thursday morning the 31st.. above Falls rd not far from the dam.. Had some minor success with a small caddis then switched to a bigger caddis with a zug bug dropper.. Caught 3 on the dropper in 15 minutes including this very healthy chunky rainbow!
Mike F

From last Saturday…

Fishing on the Gunpowder yesterday as perfect – cool, virtually no one else on the river, and the browns were taking caddis and sulpher emergers. One jumped out of the water to take my fly before it hit the water. I landed 14 in 3 hours, including 3 of at least 14 inches.
All the best.
– Chic

Note: Small caddis are the thing. Bring some 7x with you and hold on…