Big water, Big fish….

With the electroshocking completed, the river is no longer at a placid 30 CFS…Expect water levels in the 170 to 180 Cfs range for the next few days. The water will still be clear, around 53 F and for many of the guides that work out of the shop, it’s big fish time. Bigger flows typically mean that fish are on the feed and can be tricked with large streamers in the #6-8 range and heavy and bulky nymph patterns sized #8-12. Keep in mind that you’ll wear yourself out in a hurry trying to wade upstream, so use the excellent trail network-over 18 miles- and pick choice spots behind log jams, near boulders and just downstream of tribs that enter the main river. With higher flows, small caddis in the #16-18 range and the rest of the terrestrials in your Summer box, (ants, beetles, hoppers) should be cast tight along the undercut banks. Long, fine leaders are still important. Have fun and be careful out there.

Note: Readings from the USGS gauge are typically delayed 4 to 6 hours.