Gunpowder River fly fishing with hoppers and caddis…

The fish are looking up. Water temps are 55 F, flow is 180 Cfs and the weather is not going to get any better. Small olives are still a good bet in the morning. Tired of fishing tricos? Come up and fish hoppers from your western box and use leaders in the 9 to 12 ft range in 6x. We had lots of smiling faces as the electroshocking survey concluded this past week. We will be posting results soon. A few sightings of fish have been recently reported in the 22-27 inch range. That’s big folks!

Following is a stream report from Jed: Message: Some members of our T.U. Chapter including myself were wondering if you knew what the release will be after the electroshocking is done. Any notion on this? Also we (MD and PPTU chapters) both enjoyed the camaraderie, clean up and fishing last Saturday. Most of the trash came from around York Road and one other spot I don’t remember. I know Joan and I found remnants of a car, some kind of farm machinery and a large sign on the downstream side of York Road. I don’t know who would show any interest in hauling this stuff off, but maybe you guys would know. Also the fishing was pretty good as well. People caught fish on ants, copper johhns, beetles and midges. Be well, Jed

Thanks Jed!

The flows should stabilize in the next week and remain in the 180 range until we get some rainfall.
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Note: If you’d like to help clean the river up please give us a call at 410-329-6821 or drop us an email at