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Ring in the New Year with Backwater Angler

The shop will be open New Years Day from 10:00 AM till 4:00 PM. If you should need a fishing license and trout stamp we do require check or cash for license payments. The river is low, clear and flowing at 28 CFS. Water temps reported today in the mid to high 40’s were signifigantly warmer than last week and a sign of good things to come. Small cream midges in the #20-24 range and #18-20 bead head hares ears accounted for a few fish in the upper reaches. Renegades in the #12-16 range, Foam bodied stoneflies #14-16 and Henryville Specials #16-18 are great point flies if you’d like to see the midge dropper you’ve been missing.Use plenty of 7x as the water is clear and the fish are holding in shallows waiting to ambush stoneflies on the move towards the banks. The rain coming tonight through tomorrow should help things along, especially if you’d like to fish streamers just below the feeder creeks that join the Gunpowder.

Have a safe and happy new year and please, by all means, fish more in ’07

Stoneflies, Spillover and Holiday Bugs……

We’re close to spillover, as the reservoir is about a foot from coming over the top. We’ve have had a few reports of stoneflies and a fat 16″ rainbow was released earlier in the week just below the Dam after falling for a #22 midge emerger. The big Christmas day rain yesterday helped recharge some of the groundwater locally and the upper river is still low , clear and flowing at 29 Cfs.So, Its a typical Winter pattern without the snow, ice, cold weather ect..
Sounds like some of you should call in sick this week, I hear that there is a bug going around…

Gunpowder River Stonefly

Slow Water Caddis by Gunpowder River Guide’s

This video by Jason du Pont provides just a glimpse of one of many patterns that are taught during our Beginners Tying Class by Gunpowder River Guides.

A proven Gunpowder River pattern is tied in eleven easy steps. This pattern was just one of many tied in a Backwater Angler Beginner’s Tying Class. By Jason du Pont.

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That’s right folks, the beltway is rearing its ugly head this holiday season.
If you just can’t bear the thought of getting caught in traffic during the “holidaze,”
check out Backwater Anglers’ Gift Certificates online. We will process Gift Certificates online via our ssl secure site up until 2:00 PM on December 24th. If you’re new to the shop, and need some pointers, be sure to check out our shop online page.

Beginners Fly Tying Class by Gunpowder River Guides

The Saturday class is full, so we’re offering another class on Sunday, January 7. It’s a beginners fly tying class that focuses on Gunpowder river patterns. Our very own Gunpowder river guides will be teaching this fun-filled beginners class.Cost of the class is $45 per person, and includes the use of tools and materials.The class is limited to six and pre-registration is required. Please give us a call at 410-329-6821 or drop us a line at to pre-register.

Gunpowder River Tour

Want to spend more time on the river?

Check out the Gunpowder River Tour, another video from Jason du Pont

A video tour of the Gunpowder River in Baltimore County, Maryland. The footage highlights sections of the river located in the 7.6 mile wild trout catch and release water.

Black Flies along the Gunpowder River

The river is low, at 28 CFs clear, and the water temp is 42 F and warming quickly each afternoon. Try stoneflies early in the day in riffles and flats, particuarly along fallen trees and log jams. According to several reports this week, the little black flies are just starting to come off between Falls Rd and the Dam.
Most of these flies can be imitated with a midge cluster pattern such as a Renegade or a Griffiths Gnat in a #18-22. Brassies and midge emergers are also worth a shot. When fishing small patterns in low water, instead of using a strike indicator consider greasing up the butt, (heavy) section of your leader with silicone in the first three feet so it will be easier to detect a strike. If fish are making rings, try the midge cluster patterns, if they appear to be bulging or pushing with their backs out, switch to the midge emergers.Fish are still holding in very shallow water so limit your wading and use leaders in the 10 to 14 ft range ending in 6 and 7x.

American Angler Gunpowder River Stonefly Article by Jason du Pont Available at Newstands Now

Soon we’ll be experiencing outstanding dry fly fishing in the dead of winter. Stoneflies are prolific along the Gunpowder from January through March and know one knows this better than our own Jason du Pont.

Read the supplement to the article, Cold as a Stone, from the Plain Talk section of American Anglers’ January/February 2007 issue.