Airflo Ridge Tactical Trout Double Taper Fly Line Review

The following is a review of the Airflo Ridge Tactical Trout Double Taper Fly Line by Bill Felter. Thanks Bill!

What a great flyline! I picked up one of these Ridgelines this summer to use on a 7 1/2 ft. bamboo rod and I absolutely love it. It shoots like a champ, float high and the tip hasn’t sunk yet. One of the thing I love most about this line is its soft, supple coating which really complements a more fully-flexing bamboo rod. I also like the shooting ability of this line. It makes fishing in close quarters a breeze; you can shoot 20+ ft. of line with minimal effort. Its long head (7 ft) can turn over long leaders and heavy flies alike. If you fish bamboo rods and miss the old Scientific Anglers Ultra III lines, give this one a shot; you’ll like it!
Oh, yeah, one more thing; it comes in OLIVE which is really important when fishing low water.

Bill Felter