Maryland Brook Trout Fly Fishing

Maryland has ample brook trout fishing opportunities in the western region of the state. The small mountain streams that contain these native trout may only be six to twelve feet wide and less than a foot deep in many areas. The brook trout can grow to twelve inches and many streams have good populations of eager trout. Exploring small streams can uncover larger pools and deep narrow bends where larger trout hold versus the pocket water and riffles.

Gear includes one to three weight rods with a length no longer than seven feet. I use a Scott Fiberglass 6 foot one weight to load quick for minimal false casting. Waders are not required for most small streams due to shallow water. Kneeling on the bank, stealth, and good casting equal success. Bring less gear so the long hikes are easier and usually well worth it for the better fishing. One box of flies with dries, a few streamers, and small nymphs will always work. Some brookie favorites are the Elk Hair Caddis, Foam Beetle, Fur Ant, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Royal Wulff, small Olive Wooly Bugger, and Snow Shoe Mayfly patterns. Brook trout will eat almost anything if you can approach and cast without spooking the fish or snagging a tree.