Silver Creek, Idaho Fishing Report

Thanks to Christianna McCausland for the stream report, pics and kind words from Silver Creek, Idaho.
Silver Creek, Idaho

Sun Valley Rainbow

Thought you all would appreciate that I had some good fishing in Idaho last week. I went with a guide one day, which is when I got the nice rainbow on the Bigwood River in Sun Valley. Later that day we went to Silver Creek and boy was everyone right — tricky fish! A few days later there was a brown drake hatch at Silver Creek, so I made my guide into my friend and he and I went out there to fish the hatch at dusk. I’ve never seen anything like it — there were so many anglers we had to wedge ourselves into the river, (as you can kind of see in the pic). And all fishing etiquette went out the window! We drank some beers and stayed until about midnight fishing the caddis hatch by the light of the full moon, which was truly one of the coolest things I’ve done recently. The only way I knew my friend was still out there on the river with me was the occasional sound of his line whistling in the still night air; the only way to know the fish were there was to listen for their slurp and splash in the darkness. I had one really good bite but didn’t set my hook fast enough. Definitely need to work on that for next time as those Silver Creek fish don’t give you a second chance. Theaux, you and Rocky should know that my guide complimented me on my skills, which I owe to you guys. Thanks to Backwater Angler, I was able to get into a river crowded with major anglers and hold my own!


Silver Creek Idaho Evening Light