Catch and Release Fly Fishing on the Gunpowder River with Max Meneveau

On a recent outing to the catch-and-release area of the Gunpowder river, I was happy to have landed a good number of fish including a nice 16 inch brown. If fished from about 6 o’clock to 8, and landed a good number of fish casting small elk-hair caddis and large stimulators into riffles. There were no fish consistently rising, but they were eager to take properly presented and skated caddis imitations. At one point, the mist was so thick that I resorted to a dead-drifted size 10 wooly bugger with a small green Copper John dropper. I took the 16 incher on a fingerling rainbow imitation streamer. The evening was a good time to fish because it was nice and cool, and the sun wasn’t as strong as during the middle of the day. All in all, a good day in the catch-and-release section of the Gunpowder River.

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