Reservoir Fly Fishing in Maryland

Largemouth Bass

Throughout the spring and summer many trout anglers travel to fly fish the Gunpowder. Few take advantage of the reservoirs, above and below the river, which provide great warmwater fishing with a flyrod. Both large and smallmouth bass, other panfish, pickerel, and carp can all be caught on the fly. Many bluegills are in the shallows to spawn and large bass and pickerel are cruising shorelines in search of food. Big bass on streamers and palm-size bluegills on poppers is a great way to spend a few hours before an afternoon of trout fishing. Large carp pushing ten pounds swim in pods in shallows where surface wakes and clouds of mud are easy to see. Lots of Pickerel and largemouths can be caught in Loch Raven, while Prettyboy supports good numbers of smallmouth bass and red eyed rockbass. Mornings and evenings the fish are more aggressive, although sight fishing along shorelines can be easy with the bright sun at midday.

Loch Raven Pickerel