Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park

Thanks to Roman Kostrubiak for the following picture of one of the Park’s 10, 000 hydrothermal features and post from a Yellowstone National Park fly fishing trip taken in late September:
Yellowstone National Park Geothermal Feature

Theaux, Rocky, and Jason,
My trip to Yellowstone Park was quite eventful. We drove up in cloudy cool and quite overcast conditions.I fished the Firehole River in the Fountain Flats area with a very intense baetis hatch going on. Unfortunately my fly box had nothing in it to match the #22-24 bugs covering the surface of the water. My only success came from swinging a soft hackle downstream. During the evening, the intermittent drizzle changed over to snow showers. The following morning, after skidding our car on ice while crossing Dunraven Pass, we arrived at Soda Butte Creek in the Lamar Valley. It quickly warmed and became sunny, but a persistent gale force wind made casting quite difficult. Despite the difficulties with casting and wave action moving up the stream due the wind, I succeeded in hooking up with a fair number of Yellowstone Cutthroats all in the 12 – 18″ range. From there, we returned to the Firehole – this time below Fountain Flats; fortunately for me, there was a decent caddis hatch happening. I was able to fool several browns in the 10-12″ range feeding along the bank. These fish appeared remarkably similar to our Gunpowder Browns. The following day, after spending some time in the Old Faithful area, I managed to put in a couple of hours on the Madison – a little downstream of Madison Junction. There I found success with both bwo and trico imitations. Oddly enough, I caught Rainbows on the Madison and Browns on the Firehole! Since returning to Jackson Hole, I have been back to Flat Creek and also spent an afternoon on the Grey’s River – south of Jackson and a tributary of the Snake River. There the fishing was quite slow with occasional rises to caddis and pmds(?). I caught several beautifully colored Snake River Cutthroats in the 10-12″ range on a hopper with a pmd and caddis dropper. I am heading home tomorrow; hopefully you have left me some fish in the Gunpowder!
Hope all is well!