Scott Fly Rods in Maryland Prove Lucky

Thanks to Bill Feiss for the following:

Sorry for the delay in this note. I wanted to thank you all for the search and retrieve of my new Scott 2wt. rod and reel. I ducked out of the shop armed with my new stick and went directly to the Big Falls Rd. jump in on the Gunpowder for an hour of fishing. It lasted three. Did you know there is no cell connection down there? At least that is my story and my date seems to have bought it, for now! After fighting off those cute but annoying little fingerling brownies, I finally hooked one of significance, about 8”, measured on the neat measuring marks on this new rig. A week later, I was in Lancaster for some business and drove home via the back roads and pit stopped along Deer Creek just downstream from the power substation in some fast running flat water. Rigged the new peashooter and three false casts and one drop into an eddy and voila, a 12-13” bow that I thought was going to break my new rod!! If you haven’t had a chance to land a “big” fish (western fishing snob that I am, there really are no big fish in the east) on that light of a rig, it is amazingly fun. It was like fighting the big fish out west on the 5 wt. rod. Big fun, thanks for securing this fun new toy…you have got a great shop, excellent personnel, and are a great source of knowledgeable help direction. Great addition to the community, keep it up and good luck!

Bill Feiss
Baltimore, MD