Fly Fishing SW Alaska

Thanks to Louis Kovacs for the following report from a mid-August fly fishing trip in SW Alaska.
Over Flying Alaska

I find myself, this month, in Bethel, Alaska, for some medically related stuff. It’s not picture-book Alaska, it’s the tundra. No trees, no mountains. But both, along with some fantastic lakes and streams, full of trout and salmon of all kinds, are reachable in a few hours by boat or float plane. It’s an incredible experience, being in a plane so small it feels like you’re wearing it, landing on crystal clear glacial lakes surrounded by mountains, hiking through bear trails passing all too freshly eaten salmon down to a stream absolutely packed with Dolly Varden, grayling, huge rainbows, silvers, reds, char, and God knows what else, all ferociously hungry and impossibly bold and eager to take flies. Here are some pictures from 2 days of fishing that I won’t soon forget.
Louis Kovacs

SW Alaska Dolly Varden