BWO’s along the Gunpowder River during Spillover

The Gunpowder river is flowing at 55 Cfs, is 52 F and is clear. To say that the fishing has improved markedly since we’ve had spillover is an understatement. BWO’s have been having a hard time getting off the water, (read cripples and emergers) during the cold, windy afternoons and the fish don’t mind at all as the following stream report attests.Thanks to Backwater Angler Guide Dave Smith for the following report from Thurs Nov 20 and Fri Nov 21.

On Thurs. fishing (and catching) was as good as during the peak of the sulfur hatch! Started fishing the riffles at the base of the Falls Rd high trail around noon and did well with a bead-head brassie. Around noon the sky was partly sunny and the air temp was 48 but by 2pm, the clouds rolled in, some snow flurries started and so did the olive hatch. All the flat water areas came alive with rising fish; counted 40-50 fish rising within 50 feet of myself. Ran through nearly all my olive patterns and finally found a size 18 down-wing emerger pattern that the fish liked. Ended the day around 4:30 with a 16 inch brown!…also caught several 12-13 inch browns, numerous brownies under 10” and a surprise13-14” wild rainbow.
Friday afternoon was colder (around 38 degrees) and snow flurries came and went the whole time fishing. Fished (and walked to stay warm) from the high trail all the way down to Falls Rd bridge. Fished the rifles with a bead head olive and caught many browns under 12.” Around 3:30 the fish started to rise here and there and started to take my indicator fly (a size 16 caddis..go figure) ended up the day with three more fish over 12” on the caddis! Even had a double header and saw that the fish on the indicator fly was larger than the one on the dropper. The big fish got off and the “smaller one” on the dropper turned out to be a 12” brown! Don’t let the cold weather or stock market get you down; get out there and enjoy the great fishing and beauty of the Gunpowder in the Fall.

PS: Water is coming over Prettyboy dam so the flow is perfect for good fishing.