Low Water, Tricos and BWO’s on the Gunpowder River

The Gunpowder river is flowing at 32 Cfs, is 54F and gin clear. Passing clouds this week have made tiny Blue Winged Olives a good bet. The Trico hatch has been consistent from Falls Rd downstream through Bunkerhill. We’ve had some reports this week of Tricos spinners falling as late as 1 PM. Long leaders in the 9 ft to 12 ft range ending in the 6 to 7x range will make a difference between fishing and catching wiley Gunpowder river brown trout. We have Mike Bachkosky’s Tricos on the front counter sized #20-#24 and lots of 7 and 8x should you need it!
Al's Trico by Mike Bachkosky
If you’ve grown tired of the “dreaded tinys,” try a small hopper in front of them, then “drop” the Trico behind the large fly and hold on. Caddis pupa in the #14-16 range are also worth a shot but are best fished with a small Hare’s Ear dropper.

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Clouds of Tricos along the Gunpowder River

Tricos and a Great Blue Heron on the Gunpowder River