Paul Young Perfectionist Taper Bamboo Fly Rods by Dean Turner

Dean Turner formerly of Monkton, Maryland now resides in CT, a state also known for a few trout streams. He’ll will be swinging by the shop this Thursday to show off his wares. Even with the resurgence of Bamboo that anglers are currently enjoying he’ll never be accused of beating his chest. Dean keeps a low profile and we like it that way. In fact, the rods he quietly delivers to us, leave the shop very quickly. Each model features unique taper designs with swelled butts that make these rods very powerful indeed.
Dean Turner, Little Falls Paul Young Perfectionist Taper Bamboo Fly Rod
They are ideal rods for the angler just “moving into” bamboo. All the rods are 2/2, that is, they are two piece rods with two matched tips. They come with a divided poplin sack and a powder-coated aluminum tube with a brass cap and are priced at $1,350. The rod featured is based on a Paul Young Perfectionist taper, 7′ 6″ 4wt 2/2, and is fitted with a nickel silver slide band over a circassian walnut spacer and a cigar grip…It is a parabolic rod that feels at home on small to medium sized waters. Swing soft hackles with this one and get ready to smile…

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