Naturally Reproducing Gunpowder Brown Trout

Fallen Sycamore
The Gunpowder flow has dropped below 100 CFs, and is currently 52 degrees at Falls Rd. Rain is forecasted through the week, so expect water levels to rise again. Warm air temps and added spill over may increase water temps, and create ideal conditions for olive hatches with rainy, cloudy days ahead. Caddis, adams and small olives have worked for many anglers preferring to catch fish on the surface. A few fish can be found rising to midges or olives, but the majority of trout are caught on dries fished blind. Nymphing with small nymphs and midge patterns sized 20-24 are working, along with larger caddis larva patterns. Streamers of all sizes and colors are catching fish, especially when the flows climb above 100 CFs.

Up Close Redds
The past two weeks trout began making beds and started spawning in the Gunpowder river. Anglers should watch out for the redds (pictured above) and avoid wading or fishing through these areas. The light colored redds are clearly visible in lower flows, but in higher flows anglers should be extra cautious while wading, to avoid crushing fragile eggs.
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