Bwo’s along the Gunpowder River

Thanks to Jed for the stream report,

Dear Theaux and Jason:
The day was beautiful last Sunday when I fished the river. It was certainly brighter than October 31st when I had fished previously. Still, there were more bugs coming off on Halloween than last Sunday. Interestingly, I saw some spinners just upstream of Bunker Hill on the flat section above the small creek that comes in. To me they looked like olive spinners. They were small, and there weren’t great numbers of them. I also saw a few caddis, and some midges. One bug really got my attention. It was floating in still water. I picked it up. It was about a size 20 or 22. It had a cream colored body with some really bright blue on it. It had wings that looked just like the snowshoe hare fur used on flies. It was kind of a comical bug. There were none of the masses of size 16 midges prevalent on the 31st. Strangely, I caught only one fish on a streamer last Sunday. Everything was much slower than expected. That fish I got on that beautiful stretch of water above that long flat section I just mentioned. The stretch that makes a nice curve and that is bordered on the south bank by large Hemlocks. That water is very beautiful and has a greenish tinge; there are many large rocks on the bottom and good gravel. Rarely do I catch anything there. The flow is fairly fast and I wonder if I’m getting down deep enough. Anyway I worked my up to Masemore. There by the parking lot many fish were rising. I fished a Hemingway caddis and a Griffiths Gnat trailer. I got a number of strikes but no fish. It was there just as the bats were beginning their swoops that I saw a big bird up in the branches. Though I couldn’t see it clearly it was big enough to be a Bald Eagle.
Jed Feffer