Winter Fly Tying Classes in the Forecast

With rain, sleet and snow in the forecast, we’ve been busy marking up the shop calendar with tying classes. Our Gunpowder Guides teach these classes in Monkton, Maryland with an emphasis on fun! Here’s a sampling of sixteen upcoming fly tying classes to be scheduled for this Winter:

Fly Tying For Beginners: An excellent introduction to tying

Nymph Patterns: Dredging bottom anyone?
Soft Hackle Patterns: Classic, simple and easy to fish.

Emerger and Cripple Patterns: Picky fish beware!
Parachute Patterns: Learn tricks that make tiny flies visible again!

Streamer Patterns: Big fish eat little fish…
Midge Lifecycle: Challenging patterns that work!

Mayfly Lifecycle #1: Hendricksons and March Browns
Mayfly Lifecycle #2 Sulphurs-enough said.

Stonefly Lifecycle: Deadly Winter patterns for hardy souls.
Caddis Lifecycle: Spring is just around the corner, get a head start…

Gunpowder Favorites: Gunpowder Guide’s Favorites for the Gunpowder
Chesapeake Favorites: Gunpowder Guide’s Favorites for Rockfish on the Bay

Warmwater Favorites: Backwater Guide’s Favorites for Bass and Panfish
Gulf Coast Favorites: Backwater Guide’s Favorites for Redfish and “Specks”

Bahamas Favorites: Backwater Guide’s Favorites for Bonefish and Permit

All classes are limited to six students per instructor, are $45 and must be prepaid. Please check the “EVENTS” sidebar for scheduled dates. If you’re thinking about trying tying this Winter consider picking up a gift certificate and call us at 410-357-9557 to reserve your spot at the tying table.