More Winter Weather, Leonard Rods and Cornhuskers

Gunpowder River Stonefly
The Gunpowder river is flowing at 155 Cfs, is clear and river water temps are still below 40 F. The wind and cold this week has made for challenging fishing. Stoneflies are about but not many fish are willingly to commit to dries. We were paid a visit midweek by a hardy Nebraskan angler from the Cornhusker Fly-Fishers . They have a CCF CARPFEST listed on the site that looks interesting-any takers? Gunpowder regular Carl also stopped in this week with some old paper goods- a 1976 Leonard Spring Catalog and a 1969 issue of TU’s Trout magazine with a dead ringer for Curt Gowdy on the cover. What a treat! He also brought in his time machine for my inspection. It is a 6 1/2 ft 3wt Leonard with red wraps that he picked up used in the mid-80’s for around $200 bucks. Once it warmed up in the shop, we put it together and I have to tell you, all of a sudden, except for the absence of green bodied caddis, it felt like spring. He also had a Hardy Featherweight and a yellowed receipt that showed that the English made reel cost him about $65.00, (new) back then. If you have the gear and are getting a little stir-crazy around the house, large streamers, small Copper Johns #18-20 and Prince nymphs #14-16 are worth a shot. Because we still have a good bit of spillover, the lower river is still warmer than the upper so try any access downstream of York Rd. The fishing can be tough this time of year but you’ll likely remember a day afield better than anything on TV. How many Snuggie or Bumpit commercials can your mind take? The secret to fishing comfortably during the winter is to limit one’s wading, stay hydrated and catch a few fish-they always have a decided warming effect that is not quantifiable.

For those still on the fence about trying your luck on the river, we still have room in tomorrow’s Stonefly Lifecycle Class. Give us a call at 410-357-9557 if you’d like us to reserve a spot for you around the tying table. Who knows, it might be warm enough to wet a line after class lets out at noon.