A Texas Fly Fisherman Leaves the Guadalupe and Returns to Maryland, Coldwater and Wild Fish

Thanks to Daniel for the fishing report and kind words from his trip to the Gunpowder this past Saturday.

Hey Theaux,
I just wanted to thank you for mapping out some of the local river crossings for me earlier today. I had an awesome time out there! It was my first trip on the Gunpowder and I must say I’m in love already. It was cold and the fishing was tough. I had to dip my tip often because of ice. I managed to fool a small brown into striking a brown bugger below a log jam, just as you suggested. Its been years since I’ve caught a brownie so it made my day. I spent the last 10 years in Texas fishing the Guadalupe, which TU stocks with Bows only. Guadalupe Bass, and Smallies are a much more typical catch throughout most of that river. It felt wonderful to fish for cold water species in their natural setting. You guys are truly blessed with a beautiful fishery. I will frequent your website, and have already become a huge fan of your writing and videography. I feel excited to be back home in Maryland, Texas stocked trout cannot compare to matching wits with a wild specimen. I hope to learn much about the area in the future and plan to fish the river as much as possible between now and May, when I will head to Alaska for my summer job. You guys run a great shop and I look forward to stopping in again soon. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, it was by far the most informative first trip to a fly shop Ive ever had.
Daniel J.Pacl