Gunpowder River Leaf Dance, BWO’s and Streamers…

Hardy Perfect Reel in Maryland
The Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 164 Cfs, and is 61.5 F. With high winds in the forecast, a leaf dance is eminent along the river–bright leaves drop to the surface, coloring the Gunpowder in kaleidoscope fashion. All of those pretty leaves can make the dry fly fishing a bit challenging so be sure to bring a camera or sketchbook along to mollify any need to be “productive” out there. Grasshoppers can still found in the Bunkerhill meadow, so imitating the last of large terrestrials is still worth a shot. Small Blue Winged Olives are about in the mornings. We have some new bright wing patterns in the muffin tins that are sized #18-20 and are easy to track amid the drifting leaves. October is also a great time to fish streamers with a sink-tip fly line. With current flows, try fishing buggers upstream along undercuts and near woody debris. Remember that it’s often easier to approach fish and trick wild fish on cloudy days-just be sure to bring a rainjacket!

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