Olives, Caddis and Wild Fish Looking Up from Log Jams

Big Log Jam in the Wildlands Area of Gunpowder State Park
The Gunpowder is flowing at 141 CFs and is 60 F. Caddis have been all the rage in the catch and release section this week. With no shortage of bright, slippery leaves scattered along the trails, now is the time to change out the studs in your wading shoes. Zebra midges fished deep behind Copper Johns have been accounting for a number of fish released above Falls Rd. Bwo’s are still about most mornings between Masemore and Bunkerhill and are best imitated with snowshoe rabbit patterns.

Thanks to Ellen for the stream report from October 10:

Theaux –Went out this morning for a bit of holiday fishing at Masemore. Got there at 8:00 am, perfectly peaceful except for exuberantly feeding trout. Blue wing olives were, as recommended, the plat du jour – caught four and missed three in an hour. Thanks!

Thanks to Ed for the stream report from October 22:

Morning Theaux. John and I had a great day on the Gunpowder yesterday at Bunker Hill. Small caddis were the ticket and we picked up browns all morning. The tree that blocked Bunker Hill road just above the parking lot on Thursday was pushed aside when we got there yesterday , I suspect by a County worker we met the previous day. We certainly appreciated his work to give us access to the water.

The lower river was stocked last week with some fine specimens. Streamers work fine on these fish. They are hungry, heavy and bright. The river has dropped enough to provide for easier access throughout the river corridor. You could be doing far worse things with your time…