Maryland Felt Sole Ban Update; a Felt Sole Definition

Proposed Ammended Felt Sole Definition in COMAR 08.02.19 "Nuisance and Prohibited Species"

The following was pulled from the Maryland Register 38:23-38:27 (November 4-December 30, 2011) Natural Resource Regulations related to Nuisance and Prohibited Species under Natural Resources Article, 4-205.1, Annotated Code of Maryland

The Secretary of Natural Resources proposes to amend Regulation .02 under COMAR 08.02.19 Nuisance and Prohibited Species to define “felt” in order to clarify the current ban on felt-soled waders for enforcement purposes. “Felt sole” is defined to include felt or any other natural or synthetic porous material capable of absorbing liquid to ensure that diseases or invasive species such as didymo are not transported on materials that are ideal habitats for them.