Mardi Gras Day Storytelling and a Stream Report

Fly Fishing Mardi Gras
The Gunpowder is flowing at 136 CFs, is clear and 41 F. River levels on the the Gunpowder River is as low as USGS has measured since November 16. Today is Mardi Gras! If you need a quick introduction to the Holiday stop in the shop and we’ll spin you a yarn. We also have a number of fully illustrated Mardi Gras books titled; Carnival in New Orleans a Fantasy, written by my dad, Maurice Le Gardeur and Illustrated by Louisiana landscape artist Robert Seago. With another unseasonably mild week ahead we’ve had more than a few folks getting a jump on their sick leave to stretch their legs afield. This past weekend, we had parades of stoneflies, blackflies and even a few BWO’s reported. These are tough to see without snow on the ground. It’s better to fish to likely water than to wait for a fish to rise. Most catches with stonefly and bivisible patterns have been on the skate. High winds on Sunday made fly fishing especially tough. This week, streamers seem to be on everyone’s minds…
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