Bimini Bonefish and Gunpowder Trout

Gunpowder Brown Trout Fly Fishing
Imagine tying a trout fly and thinking about tricking Gunpowder Browns while waiting for the tide to flood a remote bonefish flat in Bimini. Thanks to Jim for the kind words and pictures:

Thanks for the advice Theaux! Not sure what I am gonna do yet but I do like the idea of Oak Orchard. Missing the crowds are almost as important to me as the fishing itself. I might just spend the time on the gunpowder though. Feel free to post any of the pictures I send you. I know I am always excited when I see new ones up on your website as I am sure other followers are! The nice little brown in the picture was caught just after Christmas. He was fooled by a little bead head nymph I tied while waiting for the tide to start rising in Bimini, Bahamas. Although the fishing here for Bonefish has been amazing (see attached picture of a nice bone I caught off the east side of Bimini), I never can stop thinking about the Gunpowder. Even when the fishing is slow, I find myself enjoying all the other creatures that call its banks home. Accept for maybe the beavers on occasion.
Hope the new year and trout are treating you well,

Flyfishing Bimini for Bonefish