High Winter Flows, Streamers, Olives and Midges

The Gunpowder River jumped up this week to 266 CFs and is now dropping and flowing at 196 CFs. Expect levels to move up through the weekend as we get more rain. Water temps have been between 42 and 43.5 F owing to spillover. Fish are taking a mix of stoneflies and black flies on the surface. Streamer fishing has been more productive than nymphing for most. Look for fast riffles near jams. Fish are likely ambushing stonefly nymphs during the morning hours. Swinging double nymph rigs in the shallows near leaf litter to the banks should work fine. By mid-afternoon one can skate dries. We’re just a few weeks from Hendricksons so be sure to stop in for a new fishing license. It’s time to dust off your gear in anticipation of an early spring.
Thanks to Joe for the following stream report:

Just to let you know I was out yesterday downstream of Masemore and certainly flow was up but still able to wade safely with a wading staff and being a bit discriminating. Streamers with cone heads were most successful in riffles. Tried a variety of approaches including nymphing with little success. Unfortunately, dydimo is much more evident than past weeks and may be being stripped off upstream rocks due to increased flow. Required frequent examination of leader and flies and cleaning. Did see an isolated BWO and what looked like black gnats. I saw several surface rises but no takers even to a BWO, black fly (gnat) combo.Wind was only occasionally an issue, with water temps where they are sun felt great.