Gunpowder River is High, Tribs are Muddy, Wild Trout are Resilient

Bush Cabin Run muddying Gunpowder River
The Gunpowder River is off color, flowing at 355 Cfs and is 61.8 F at Falls Rd. Just 24 hours ago the river was 66 Cfs and 55.3 F. Bush Cabin Run (pictured above) and other, smaller tributaries along the mainstem are muddy and high. Thankfully, it takes a while for the rain falling in the 80 square mile drainage of Pretty Boy to soak in. While the main stem is not typically as flashy as the tribs, spillover does make the river act more like a freestone than a tailwater when the reservoir is chock full. Expect the river to keep climbing as the forecast calls for rain throughout the day. If you must fish today, try your luck upstream of the tribs and realize that we’ve gone from shin deep water to waist deep water so be sure to bring a staff, a sink tip and large streamers. Exercise caution (no stream crossings) and try to cover as much water as possible while fishing from the bank. Thanks to Tom Starrs for the stream report and photo from May 12:

If you have not fished the sulphur hatch on the Gunpowder, now is the time. I really got into them last night. Good time on the river meeting and talking with several other fishermen. With so many fish coming up, it’s easy to share a pool with another angler. I fished with several including Frank Smith of NCCTU and Kiki Gavin of the Northern VA TU chapter.

Tom Starrs