Memorial Day Suphurs and 50 Degree F Water on the Gunpowder

Dragonfly Emergence
The Gunpowder River is clear and cold at 50 F. River temps have been swinging up to 53 F by late afternoon and river flow is ideal at 106 CFs. Sulphurs are peeling off midday and are in the #14, #16 and #18 range. The “mixed” hatch that we have along the Gunpowder is really just Sulphurs. I spent a nice afternoon along the upper river yesterday and found big spinners returning just as smaller Duns were lifting off. For the two gentleman from Towson that joined me, it made for very exciting and productive dry fly fishing. Clouds of midges and a just few caddis were about, but the wild fish were clearly seeing yellow. With warmer evenings in the forecast Spinners falls are inevitable. So if you squeeze out of the yardwork, picnic, ect… early, be sure to swing by the shop this weekend and pick up a 12 ft 6x leader, some 7x tippet and a few Quill Bodied Para-Spinners and Unusuals and tell everyone you’ll be (really) late for dinner. As a side note, Mike Bachkosky our consummate fly tier and baseball aficionado called in today to make sure that his flies arrived and related that he’s seeing 64.4 degree water temperatures on the Delaware River.

Memorial Day Weekend Shop Hours:

Friday 10:00 AM till 6:00 PM
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